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Coin holder / vise to fix coins for cleaning process

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Product Details
Material: Premium PLA
We present our adjustable coin holder, the perfect tool for coins with diameters ranging from 0 to 45 mm. This device significantly simplifies the coin cleaning process by allowing you to secure them for convenient work with corresponding tools.
The holder enables you to effortlessly secure the coin in the desired position, freeing your hands from tedious holding. This helps prevent damage to the coin and ensures a more efficient and careful cleaning.
The package includes stainless steel screws (A2 stainless steel), ensuring reliable attachment of the holder.
Don't delay improving your coin cleaning process. Get our adjustable holder and enjoy a more efficient and convenient workflow.
Please note that the actual colors may vary depending on the monitor!
A distinctive feature compared to tall square holders is that the hand during coin cleaning is not in a suspended state and does not tire from it.
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